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World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network

Telling Our Stories

Our Aim

The one common thread that links the WITBN (World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network) members together is the vision: to preserve and promote Indigenous languages and cultures world-wide.


WITBN brings together broadcasters from around the world to preserve and promote indigenous languages and cultures through the power of the media and storytelling. We strive to create a platform for the exchange of ideas, resources and programming, and to raise awareness of the rich heritage and diversity of our indigenous communities. Together, we aim to build a stronger, more connected global network of indigenous broadcasters, committed to sharing our stories with the world.

Our Mission

The mission of WITBN, the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network founded in March 2008, is to unite media broadcasters from around the globe in order to preserve and promote our indigenous languages and cultures through collaborative partnerships and the sharing of resources, knowledge, and programming. At the heart of WITBN is its content sharing programs between the networks, which shine a light on Indigenous stories at an international level. By working together, we aim to increase the reach and understanding of indigenous issues among all audiences, while also fostering strategic international leadership within the media industry.


We strive to promote the cultural heritage and diversity of indigenous peoples through the medium of the media, and to ensure that our voices are heard and represented on the global stage. By fostering a community of collaboration and mutual support among members, we aim to strengthen the capacity of indigenous media to create and disseminate meaningful and impactful content for their communities and the world.

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